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Who are we.  

 One night, over some hot wings and beers we realized we had the same values in what we do.  We don't have trendy DJ names, you won't find a "DJ SPINNY CHROME" or "MixMaster Emcee In Da Heezy" on the payroll, we don't talk like strip club dj's or Ted Baxter. (ask your parents if you don't get the reference)

Here's the thing.  You're going to get INUNDATED with people telling you how perfect they are for your wedding.  How great their stuff is, how much music they have, and HOW CHEAPLY THEY'LL WORK.

You're not buying a Ford truck.  You're not looking all over for the same blue crew cab F150 and seeing what dealer will make you the best deal.

If you were having surgery, you would want the one with the experience, the references, the knowledge, the bedside manner if you will.....OF COURSE it matters what you pay.  That has to make sense too.

We're funny, classy, professional, competitively priced ...and just DANG GOOD LOOKIN' too. 

Seriously.  If you don't hire us we get it.  But hire based on what they not only say they bring to the game, but what they've brought to games before you.

Thanks for coming by, and we look forward to making your special day one you'll never forget.

 TJ Kelley

Panama City Wedding DJ
Beach Karaoke
*registered on SunBiz as a legitimate real Florida business*

This former Atlanta Radio Personality and Stand Up Comic is  the powerhouse that is Panama City Wedding DJ's.  Funny, yet not over the top or cheesy he's the perfect addition to what will be an incredibly memorable day for you, regardless of the event.

TJ can be found hosting a generally packed house for Karaoke 3 nights a week on the WEST end of Panama City Beach and hosts a moderately popular local morning radio show.

Superman INDEED.