Because you deserve the best.......

Panama City Wedding DJ'S

At Panama City Wedding DJ's, we're NOT just a couple of super handsome, really funny, tall, good looking incredibly humble WEDDING DJ's.

Oh no....TO BE top notch Wedding DJ's, you have to go through the ranks.  You have to do the Christmas Parties, the Home Parties, the Karaoke things, the 13 year olds birthday...

and NOBODY does a Karaoke Show like Beach Karaoke.

*a division of Panama City Wedding DJ'S*

Seriously, this isn't some Moose Lodge version of Karaoke...boring, no personality, no interaction....not THESE guys..

TJ even does a pretty convincing ummm....Adult Night Club DJ voice, and we're pretty sure that Big D was an award winning skating rink DJ back in the 80's..

Point is, while Weddings are our specialty, we're super qualified to handle whatever you need.  

Outdoor events, Private thing at your home, Corporate Events...

We're funny when we need to be, classy when you need us to.

Rates vary on these things, so hop over to the Contact Page, shoot us a note and we'll call you right away.

We need the business.  Big D needs new hair extensions, and TJ is saving up for a new Yoga Mat.

​We think he may have eaten the other one.....