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         How to Hire a dj                 



The most important day of your life is rapidly approaching. You have the place for your event, the perfect photographer, a wonderful wedding dress and handsome looking tuxedos chosen. What are you forgetting?

ENTERTAINMENT for the reception!

With all the planning that goes into your wedding day, it seems almost certain to overlook some things, but entertainment should be one of the first things to secure when planning a reception. But how do you find quality entertainment for your special day? What should you ask? How much should you expect to spend? If you ask these questions, and follow these recommendations, you should have no problem finding great entertainment for your event.

The WORST thing that a person can do, when searching for quality entertainment, is to call every disc jockey in the yellow pages trying to find the cheapest price. This happens more than it should! Your special day may be ruined because you spend more on your cake or vegetable tray than you do for entertainment.

There are a number of ways to find quality entertainment. The first, and probably the best way, is to hire someone you have seen at another reception. If the DJ did a great job, ask for their business card and hire them. The second is to ask friends or family members to recommend someone to you. The third way is to call various DJ’s, and find out which one will do the best job for YOU! Remember, there is a reason why QUALITY DJ’s charge more then AMATEUR DJ’s. Again, with these questions to ask, you should have no problems finding the best DJ for your reception.

Are you available on my date?

This seems like such an obvious question, however, some brides only know one question: “How much?” Find out if the DJ even has your date available. If they are not available, then a quality DJ should recommend another DJ to contact. A “true professional” will help you find another DJ, even if they are already booked.

How will you coordinate my event, and how will you make it FUN?

The better DJ companies coordinate your reception from beginning to end, instead of “just playing music”. They will give you suggestions on how your reception can be perfect and unique, as well as incorporating your ideas. Your entertainer should be interactive and fun, without sacrificing quality and professionalism.

PLUS, Panama City Wedding DJ's offers a fully qualified wedding planner to plan your wedding AND reception for you, so you, your mother, your girlfriend from college, and everyone else can have FUN, and NOT WORRY!

And if you think this is a sales pitch, read THIS article from The Wedding Channel website!


 How Important Is Your Special Event?

(Information Gathered from Modern Bride Magazine)

In post-event surveys, clients stated that the contribution Disc Jockey services made towards the overall success of their special day was over 85%.

Whether it's a Wedding Reception, Corporate Event, Prom, or Private Party, its success or failure depends upon the quality or services you receive from the Disc Jockey.

These are entertainment driven events, based on individual skill sets.

 Some couples will pay more for a vegetable tray or cake cutting than the cost of their entertainment and wonder why many guests chose not to stay for a large portion of the reception.

Your guests may not remember the food, the flowers, and many   will never see the pictures, but they will remember the great time they had with

Panama City Wedding DJ's!                                       

Where does your Wedding Budget go?

The average Wedding Budget in the USA for 2016 was $26,000, Ranging from a low of $16,000 up to almost $33,000.  The graph below illustrates where most of the Wedding costs are. Notice that the dj accounts for 7% of the budget…..


 ...but nearly ALL of the responsibility!                     


Panama City Wedding DJ's  pricing is a GREAT DEAL when you compare it to the average cost of the VEGETABLE TRAY!

THAT'S why it's an absolute MUST that you make a commitment to get QUALITY Entertainment, and don't let price blind you. 

You're not buying a car that you can trade in if you don't like it.

This is THE most important day in your life. 

Do you want to trust THAT to a "bargain"?

Remember the last wedding you went to? 

Do you remember the food? 

It cost thousands, and you probably don't remember what you ate.

I'll BET you remember the entertainment. 

It was either really good, or really lousy.

If you don't choose us, at LEAST take what you've learned here, and call a professional. 

I promise you'll thank us in the end.